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Considering that the French Quarter was settled 300 years ago there is no wonder that it has a very rich history and heritage that began when the French first landed on its shores. With a blend of old and new world charm and the combination of its French and Spanish roots, New Orleans is easily one of the most intriguing cities in the world. New Orleans and its unique traditions and lifestyle has become one of the most sought after destinations for travelers yearning for a mixture of adventure, fun and history.

Due to city’s elaborate backstory it is easy to see why so many legends lead back to the Crescent City beginning with the first auctioning of slaves in the United States. It is said that slaves were shipped in from Algeria, Africa and docked at what is now Algiers’s point. The slaves were then taken to the French Quarter and sold to noblemen at auctions.

The first licensed Pharmacy in the United States was founded in the French Quarter. Louis J. Dufilho, Jr. was America’s first licensed Pharmacist and opened his doors in the 1800’s. The building still stands today on Chartres Street and is now an extensive Pharmacy museum open to the public.

Dixie is a term used to describe some southern states. New Orleans is believed to be the original Dixie. The term came from a ten-dollar bill issued at a local bank. Since most of the area spoke French, the currency was printed in English on one side and French on the other side. Dix means ten in French and people began to call New Orleans Dixieland.

New Orleans is not only home to many firsts in the United States it is also home to some of the oldest locations in the country. Located on the world renowned Bourbon Street (named after a ruling class family in France, not the drink that made it famous) sits Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar. The Bar is not only famous because it was owned by the Pirate Jean Lafitte and his brother, it is in fact the oldest bar in the United States. Rumored to be a haunted location in the French Quarter it became a favorite spot for many locals and visitors, including Tennessee Williams.

Tennessee Williams is not a first or an oldest, but he is a part of the city’s culture where he lived and wrote masterpieces. His inspiration for A Streetcar Named Desire were the street cars that passed in front of his window and still rolls down the streets of New Orleans.

The awe-inspiring St. Louis Cathedral, which is explained in great depth on a previous blog, is another record breaking first. It is the oldest cathedral in the United States and has an history as impressive as the square it sits inside of.

Many histories and mysteries can be discovered on a journey through the French Quarter. Join Adventures in New Orleans and let one of our experienced tour guides take you there. Check back soon for more interesting information about one of the most intriguing places on the globe.

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